Johnson, Richard Leo - Celeste

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After way too long, I am happy to see RLJ return with a new album and a new instrument that has hugely inspired him. Warmly & strongly recommended; there's billions of great acoustic guitarists out there, but no one else sounds like Richard.

"Using a one-of-a-kind instrument provided by Martin Guitars, the "Alien" guitar is both visually and structurally unique.
Artist, Michael Brolly, designed and built the guitar.
Michael has had penchant for the alien theme for years and has created a large body of work based on that concept.
Michael was commissioned by Martin to build a guitar for Chris Martin III.
The result was an acoustic guitar with a theremin built into the body.
Soon thereafter arrangements were made to have his instrument shipped to Savannah for Richard to make a recording.
The resulting body of work on "Celeste" is a mix of haunting, mysterious, and sonically unique music that defies any style or category. This is an earmark of Richard's music as cited by most of his reviews...a singular voice in the world of the guitar.
Now with the added twist of the theremin and the blending of the sonic qualities of the two instruments, we have a perfect storm for yet another amazing recording by this distinctive artist."

Click to see a wonderful video about the instrument and Richard
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