Jones, Glenn - This Is The Wind That Blows It Out: Solos for 6 & 12 String Guitar

Most folks know Glenn Jones as guitarist extraordinaire for Cul de Sac, in which his idiosyncratic blend of surf, Middle Eastern, Americana and acid guitar innovations are a signature of the bands muchballyhooedsound, but few people are aware that long before Cul de Sac was born, Jones played the acoustic guitar exclusively for many years. Although eventually seduced by electricity, Jones never escaped his roots. A scholar of sorts of the acoustic steel string tradition, Jones has written extensively on the subject, as can be found in thewave of Robbie Basho and John Fahey reissues on Fantasy (not to mention the great essay on Fahey that accompanies his final album,Red Cross). In the spirit of the great Takoma Records releases of the 60s and early 70s, This is the Wind that Blows it Out winds its way through rich expanses of varied stylistic terrain, charting a rich and unique course. American Primitive folk and blues, Spanish guitar, slackkey, rustic Mississippi Delta slide and classical forms cozy up fluently to one another, sometimes within the same tune. Glenn Jonesfingerstyle and slide technique is on dazzling display, guiding the music across scenic vistas of mood and color. [Strange Attractors]
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