Jonesy - Masquerade: The Dawn Years Anthology 2 x CDs

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For the first time ever, all three of Jonesy's albums (No Alternative, Keeping Up and Growing) are collected complete in one package. These albums were released in 1972/1973 and while the band is basically forgotten today, they had some really nice and original aspects to their sound. Assembled by Mark Powell who adds liner notes and rare photos, this is newly remastered and includes their non-lp single b-side and a previously unreleased track recorded for No Alternative.

"Jonesy are the last great secret of the early seventies progressive rock era. A wildly acclaimed British group whose influences vary from Frank Zappa, Can, Neu, Ian Carr's Nucleus, King Crimson, Popol Vuh and the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. The original vinyl editions of their three original albums (from which this compilation is drawn) on Pye's specialist dawn label are expensive collectables. The music has aged well and for once the inflated price tag is entirely justifiable. The group were brilliant musicians, pioneers who were not above creating under the influences of strange substances. The music is very psychedelic and hugely compelling."

"Jonesy were an early 70's band in the style of King Crimson but with the unusual element of electric trumpet from Alan Bown. Other band members were John Evan-Jones - guitar & backing vocals, Jamie Kaleth - lead vocals & keyboards (including some excellent Mellotron), Gypsy Jones - lead vocals, bass guitar & recorders and Plug Thomas - percussion and backing vocals. They recorded three albums on the Dawn Label "No Alternative", "Keeping Up" and "Growing". All are strong with the aforementioned King influences. All can be approached with a degree of assurity..."-Dave Preston/
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