Jonsson, Lachen - Music for the Dying Forest (expanded)

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This is the first-ever CD release of very good, somewhat odd and quirky album (weren't they all!) first released on Bauta in 1985. J. Lachen is/was also a member of Zut un feu Rouge and Ur Kaos. This includes the bonus track "Flaubears Dancing", a really great track, which originally appeared on the Re Records Quarterly. I've seen this referred to many times as "a lost, dark, progressive classic" and I agree...except it's no longer lost!

"Like many other Bauta releases, this lp does not fit into the conventional music categories. This music is a reflection upon European artrock and rock-in-opposition."

"Originally released in 1987, this is a wide ranging record - additive rhythms, interesting, broad instrumentation (all manner of keyboards, bass, guitar, violins, xylophone, brass, reeds, recorder, synthesizer and a few exotics - variously distributed) all set in a well-composed, very loosely rock based context - with some tape manipulation, studio experimentation and open form passages; a summary of the state of the art. Assembled over time in Lars' own studio, this marks well a craft aesthetic that has all but disappeared now."-Chris Cutler
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