KBB - Age of Pain

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The fifth album (and their 1st in six years!) by this greatly liked Japanese instrumental progressive jazz/rock quartet, led by the great violinist Akihisa Tsuboy, and also featuring Shirou Sugano (drums), Dani (bass) and Toshimitsu Takahashi (electric piano, piano, keyboards). This is a Japanese-only release; there will be no other issue, so sorry about the pricing...

"KBB is one of the best current Japanese instrumental prog-jazz rock groups, formed in 1992 by talented violinist/composer Akihisa Tsuboy (ex-Pochakaite Malko, Era). This is their 5th album after six years since the last one. Brilliant 4 piece ensemble grooves with phenomenal skill and gorgeous melodies. Highly recommended to listeners who love Jean-Luc Ponty and Mahavishnu Orchestra."
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