Kaczynski, Charles - Lumiere de la Nuit

Great, rare Canadian album with Kaczynski playing all the instruments and sounding like a band project throught the miracle of multitracking, that I never thought would be reissued on CD, but here it is! "Charles Kaczynski guested on the first Conventum album, playing violin. He put his only solo album out on his own label a short time later. Violin is omnipresent on this album, generally either solo with harmonics or in homophonic lines, supplemented by vocals, piano, piccolo, recorder, acoustic guitar, cello, and so on. The album consists of brief pieces that all run together creating a unified masterwork, a choice of form that will be familiar to fans of Mike Oldfield. However while Oldfield draws themes largely from rock and Celtic music, Kaczynski’s themes are in harmony with the Quebec chamber-folk of bands like Engoulevent; it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if some of them were involved. When drumming is present, the fusion of chamber and folk with rock is realized as well as I’ve heard; only early After Crying is its match. Most of the time, though, it’s Ommadawn meets l’Île ou Vivent les Loups. A nearly peerless album, it is hard to recommend this enough. There is reportedly an English version of this album with weaker English vocals but a longer running time; I have not encountered it. Kaczynski was later a member and composer for Cirque Eloize, a music and theatre ensemble."-Expose
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