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Third great and perplexing release from this Finnish post-post-everything band.

“With Polysomn we emphasize psychedelic chaos. Each song creates their own reality, filled with surreal visions and ethereal soundscapes. “an Bat None” introduces the heavier side of the album. Its purpose is to be a wall of sonic bliss.”
“Formed in 2009 by four inner-space travellers from western Finland, Kairon; IRSE! is a rare bird, near-impossible to classify.
The Wire describes their music as a “viperous cocktail of space rock, Greg Lake-era King Crimson and free jazz”, and ever since their debut album, Ujubasajuba set Bandcamp buzzing in 2014, their records have been hidden classics of modern psych-rock for those in the know.”

"Riding on the incredible success of their last album and their much-lauded appearance at the 2018 edition of Roadburn – Kairon;IRSE!, the psychedelic-rock quartet from Seinäjoki (Finland) are back with a brand new album. Led by Oranssi Pazuzu’s Niko Lehdontie, the band has remained at the forefront of the European psychedelic music scene with two solid full-length albums under their belt, Polysomn being their third musical effort. To me, what is ingenious about Kairon;IRSE!’s music is that, in all its fuzzy eccentricity, every movement is still a meticulous, highly-inventive collage of contrasting musical ideas and textures. Yet it all comes together so beautifully, as a singular idea, never lacking in harmony or compatibility. You can probably tell by now that Kairon;IRSE! isn’t just another heavy psychedelic band; they’re very much the progenitors of the next chapter in psychedelic music, and Polysomn makes for a compelling declaration."-Echoes And Dust
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