Kaiser, Henry - Jazz Free

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Nels Cline - guitar
Henry Kaiser - guitar
Jim Thomas - guitar
Weasel Walter - drums
Allen Whitman - bass

One of HK's great improvised rock titles, imo. "Buy With Confidence - Certified 100% Jazz Free!" At it's most cosmic, it reaches "Agitation Free / Dark Star level psychedelia!

"With a cover and title that reflects Ornette’s classic Free Jazz album, we have here a free rock album that is certified 100% jazz-free.
Old pals Cline and Kaiser have been playing together since the late 70’s, but have seldom recorded together. The first Yo Miles! album and their Art of the Stompbox DVD being previous musically cooperative highlights of their friendship.
Joined on this album by two thirds of The Mermen and the amazing Weasel Walter on drums, they explore their rock improvisation roots and are constantly challenged by the amazing sounds and ideas of Merman guitarist Jim Thomas, creating a triple guitar threat. Sheets of sound, feedback, and one crazy idea after another will lead listeners out of their minds and off into the great beyond."
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