Kaiser, Henry / Kiku Day - Zen Kaiju CD

"This is Henry Kaiser's personal favorite of his improvisational albums recorded in the last decade. He considers it to be some of his best guitar-playing ever! Kiku Day is a ji-nashi shakuhachi player from Denmark. She currently explores the possibilities of playing contemporary music on the ji-nashi shakuhachi. The unlikely combination of the traditional shakuhachi of Kiku Day and the experimental guitar of Henry Kaiser is reflected in the title of this stunningly exotic new album of improvisations. Kaiju is Japanese for strange sea monster. Godzilla, Gamera, Rodan. Mothra, etc would all be typical examples of Kaiju. If you imagine the sounds of these monsters screams, and the spaces ships and flying saucers that often appear in their films, combined with a the sound of a peaceful Japanese bamboo flute in the garden of a Zen Temple you can get an idea of part of what is going on here. But monsters do have their peaceful, quiet, introspective sounds and the shakuhachi can also evoke ghostly, otherworldly sonic expressions. Both traditions reflect the wabi sabi esthetic that evolved with the Japanese tea ceremony."

This CD includes a QuickTime file with a significantly long video performance by the duo!
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