Kaiser, Henry - Talk To Me About Invisible People (artist released professional CD-R)

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Kobe Dupree - synth, turntable
Henry Kaiser - guitar, fretless bass
Jack Thompson - fretted bass, turntable
Alexei Pliousnine - lap steel guitar

"Henry Kaiser and frequent collaborator Richard Thompson have something in common that most fans don’t know about. And that is Richard’s youngest son Jack Thompson, whom Henry has known since the day he was born.
Henry taught Jack to SCUBA dive years ago and they have had many travel and SCUBA adventures together. In recent years, as Jack grew up as a musician, he has become to come over to the musically dark side of things and he and Henry have been exploring that unknown set of territories together.
When they planned this recording together, the great Russian guitar explorer, Alex Pliousnine happened to visiting and he joined HK and JT, along with Jack’s musical colleague Kobe Bryant in one of those albums that just seemed to record itself without the players having anything conscious to say or plan about it.
It’s a “Slipstream” genre album that is in an unknown space that combines electronica with subtle turntable work that is nearly unidentifiable as turntables, and is just a much sonically reminiscent of 60’s Swedish tape/synth music as British free improvisation as extended technique guitar-playing.
Lots of mystery, lots of space, dark drones, and a glimpse of the edge of Sigur Ros territory are some of the things to find here. If you know who 01 Boxer is, or if you have seen the bathroom fight in Charlie Jade (something that you might search for on youtube), or if you like the films of Andrei Tarkovsky, or the Soviet Science Fiction of the Strugatsky brothers, then you might discover some musical equivalents of those things here."
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