Kaiser, Henry - The Starbreak Splatterlight

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Henry Kaiser - guitar & bass
Lukas Ligeti - drums
Paul Plimley - piano & guitar
Weasel Walter - drums

Henry's not kidding. Much to my surprise, well-regarded pianist Paul Plimley can really rip it on electric guitar, something that has never been documented on record before!

"This is among the most unusual and personally best-loved of my recordings from the 21st century. If you asked me to describe what it sounds like, I might say that it sounds like a Decals' era Magic Band of Beefheart’s playing with Cecil Taylor, Blood Ulmer, Vince Guaraldi, and one of Ornette’s Prime Time rhythm sections. If that’s not unusual enough, we have here the first commercial release of master Canadian pianist Paul Plimley playing electric guitar. Few know that Paul is a terrific and highly personal guitarist. He can follow any Cecil Taylor school piano playing on guitar and fit perfectly with whatever notes are being played. Paul and I are both big fans of Beefheart’s Magic Bands and we get to explore that area most thoroughly here. Paul and I have played together since the late 70’s and this is the most fully realized document of what we have to say to each other. The monster drum section of Lukas Ligeti and Weasel Walter takes no prisoners here, total destruction of all conservative ways of thinking about music and rhythms is left in their entangled and glowing, twin musical wakes."-Henry Kaiser
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