Kaleidoscope - Kaleidoscope (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"This is the sole album by one of the legendary groups of the Mexican rock scene, considered by many to be the best psychedelic record of the late 1960’s to come from anywhere in all of Latin America. The original album, was released by the Orfeon label in an edition of only 200 copies, hardly a recipe for great fame. What is clear to all who have heard it is that this is certainly a monster psych classic (c.1968/69), a great album (all songs in English) with heavy grooves, super fuzzified funky acid guitar, and a raving, ranting, drooling, savage sound.
It is clear that Kaleidoscope were striving to do something different than the other Mexican bands of the era—they were full of rebellion, sometimes without sense, but expressed with urgency; as one of the rare Mexican groups that dared to go beyond—beyond the norm, even beyond reason (!), they served as springboard for those who would let themselves be infected by that crazy Kaleidoscope sound.
One of the rarest and most desired psychedelic albums of all time! These are the last copies of the recent Mexican reissue of this rare classic of garage-psychedelia, one of the rarest psychedelic artifacts known to exist and the holy grail of South American psychedelic music—the only reissue of the several that exist to have been taken from the original masters (licensed from Orfeon, thus access to the masters), a fact which can be seen on the insert that comes along with this release. Heavy jacket reproduces the stunning original montage art."
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