Kaleidoscope - Kaleidoscope (expanded)

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"Kaleidoscope's sole release is one of the best psychedelic albums ever recorded and also among the rarest albums of all time. Enrique Rivas located all the original band members as well as the original cover artist. Shadoks Music signed a deal with the band, and now puts this baby out legitimately for the first time, ever. The band was not actually from Mexico: the musicians came from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Spain, and the album was recorded in 1967 in the Dominican Republic. The manager took it to Mexico where it had a tiny release of 200 copies on the Orfeon label. They were friends with Addib Casta from Ladies WC, Venezuela, so one song is by Ladies WC -- the rest are all original compositions. The music features some amazing, heavy, guitar-based psychedelia of the best kind, and there are three bonus tracks here, including a live track from 1969. The cover art has also been completely restored (bootleg versions were heavily cropped) with the original label artwork for the first time. The package also includes many photos and a band history, making this a collector's dream come true. This reissue was done with the complete participation of the original band members for the first legitimate reissue of this album, ever. Includes 3 bonus tracks, including a live track from 1969."

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