Kapital / Richard Pinhas - Flux

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"A new album from Kapital (duo of Rafal Iwanski and Jakub Ziolek) and Richard Pinhas (Heldon). Entitled "Flux", the record is the outcome of musicians' meeting at Unsound Festival in Kraków (Poland). "My first encounter with Richard Pinhas in a live setting took place in 2009 when he played CoCArt Music Festival in Toru ," recalls Rafa. "It was a great experience but more akin to psychedelic and rhythmic ambient music. It wasn't until 2013 when we met again, this time with Jakub, during If You Say So... Festival in Bydgoszcz and this resulted in the creation of Kapital project. Richard mentioned then that he would love to come back and play some more concerts in Poland," he adds. "Our ties with Rafa and Richard started to intertwine at this moment, in a very strange and unpredictable way," says Ziolek. "I think that his encounters with our music could be limited to Kapital's first album and our gigs at MPM Ambient Festival and later Alameda 5 performance at Unsound in Kraków," says Iwanski. Ziolek and Iwanski recall that before their recording sessions in Kraków they only had a couple of musical ideas but most found their way onto the album. "When working together with Jakub as Kapital or in bigger bands like Innercity Ensemble, we tend to rely on improvising. This was also the case here: Richard played on the basis on our sounds and we adjusted our sound visions to create a more concise entity." explains Iwanski."

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