Kaprekar's Constant - The Murder Wall CD

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“Three albums in and Kaprekar’s Constant present The Murder Wall, a 75-minute plus magnum opus about historic efforts to climb the “unscalable” Eiger (Ogre) Mountain. Now, you might think this is an odd subject to write and sing about - and, to be honest it is (however, fellow prog-rockers Pendragon did release the LP Men Who Climb Mountains in 2014) - but KC aren’t afraid to tackle “big” subjects (apologies for the pun) and have produced another widescreen, cinematic, no-holds-barred masterpiece which melds acoustic and electric rock and folk music to great effect with the usual swirls and curlicues synonymous of prog. Most of the 17 songs here take time to unfurl like a flag victoriously planted on the top of a mountain (more apologies for being obvious) but they don’t drag, often cleverly encompassing several mini-suites within each song without losing direction. Not only that, but these songs are immensely catchy, often poignant, and delivered with the skill and finesse you would expect of a group at the top of its game. Vocals are shared between Bill Jefferson and Dorrie Jackson, daughter of veteran Van Der Graf Generator reedsman Dave Jackson, whose trademark sax and flute fills embellish much of this lovely album. Altogether, The Murder Wall is a triumph in which KC have clearly created a distinct musical identity. Who’d have thought an album about mountain climbers could have you drooling at its sheer scope and beauty. This album is the pinnacle of their career so far.”
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