Karda Estra - Mondo Profondo/New Worlds

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Karda Estra (essentially the work of one-man band Richard Wileman + guests) has been releasing very good, cinematic-ish, albums to a small number of fans for a long time. Now he's hooked up with the folks at Believer's Roast for what I hope will be a fruitful collaboration and maybe even bring him a few more listeners! This brings together his 10th (latest) album + the previously download-only 9th album.

"‘Strange beauty’ is probably my favoured cliché for describing Karda Estra; music that blends classical chamber instruments with rock instruments and synthesiser without, even for a moment, sounding like any kind of a fusion, this album is yet another among an amazing number of totally coherent and emotionally powerful artistic statements. Utterly wonderful music."-Oliver Arditi

"...a sound that is expressive, angular, and uncommonly beautiful ... a seriously enjoyable listen that’s in a class of its own."-Peter Thelen, Expose

"Believers Roast is also home to some of the most interesting musicians around at the moment ... Karda Estra continue to make unclassifiable instrumental music, drawing on avant-garde classical, jazz and rock. Clarinets, trumpets, synths collide; French 60s pop elements nuzzle up to fragmented chords more usually associated with Pendrerecki, and if Wileman thinks this music's cinematic, the mind boggles at the movies he's been watching...the album puts you in an odd but better place ... (New Worlds) proves the consistency and quality control of both artist and label."-GRM
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