Karmic Juggernaut - Phantasmagloria CD

Kevin Grossman: Drums, percussion
Jake Hughes: Keyboards
James McCaffrey: Guitar
Cody McCorry: Bass, theremin
Randy Preston: Guitar
Daimon Santa Maria: Vocals, flute
Joe Gullace: Trumpet
Ian Gray: Trombone

A young, brash progressive rock outfit from Asbury Park, NJ, the band are equally influenced by jam band styles and progressive styles.
A good comparison would be the equally diverse and fun Thank You Scientist and their bassist is the bassist for TYS, so it all makes sense!
Lots of great playing, some excellent vocals and an unwillingness to take anything too seriously (except the music), they pretty much blow away everyone who sees them!
  • LabelKJ
  • UPC810053278178
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