Kawachi, Kuni / Flower Travelling Band - Love Suki Daikirai / Kirikyogen (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"This is a two-fer reissue of early '70s Japanese underground rock albums Love Suki Daikirai and Kirikyogen, featuring Kuni Kawachi & Flower Travelling Band. Recorded in 1970, the tone of Kirikyogen is cast in a shadow, and it seeps through the pores of each track, with titles such as "Graveyard Of Love" and "Works Composed Mainly By Humans." However, this ain't some pointless posturing... this is an LP that carries that weight, while remembering to bring a pocket full of cool-ass riffs, super-heavy Hammond, bouncin' bass and far-out vox. LP opener, "Kirikyogen" teases in the intro with stop/start bass and organ before dropping into Grade A heavy funk-psych prog rock. It's completely irresistible. There's a whiff of the weirdness of early English prog records, but crucially, these kids were still into Hendrix too, remembering that no matter how good you are on guitar, you still gotta bring something to the dancefloor. Love Suki Daikirai released in 1972 is more straight-up dreamy psychedelia. Kawachi plays piano, celesta, Hammond organ, Rocksichord, Harpsichord, various percussions, and sings. Kimio Mizutani (A Path Through Haze, Love Live Life +1) contributes acoustic and electric guitars."

"...the appearance on lead vocals of Akira 'Joe' Yamanaka has guaranteed Kirikyogen a rightful place in rock'n'roll history, and a more genuinely listenable Japrock art statement you'd be hard pressed to find."-Julian Cope

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