Kayo Dot - Hubardo 2 x CDs

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This was originally released on triple vinyl by the band themselves, in a now sold-out edition, and now, finally after several years, the CD version is available domestically (it was previously a Japanese-only release!)

"Hubardo is the sixth album, a concept double album, by Kayo Dot...It is Kayo Dot's first double album, its longest album and one of its heaviest albums to date, containing aspects of avant-garde metal, black metal, post-metal, post-rock, jazz fusion as well as chamber music.
The album is considerably heavier in sound than any Kayo Dot album so far and is considered a throwback to maudlin of the Well and early Kayo Dot recordings, as it contains much more metal screaming vocals by collaborator Jason Byron and Driver than any Kayo Dot album.
It also contains much more repetition, metal riffs, overdubs, polyrhythms and double bass than past albums despite leaning heavily on typical wide-ranging jazz and chamber music influenced orchestration. It was picked as the 4th best album of 2013 on indie music website SputnikMusic."-Wikipedia

"Meaning "lantern" or "lamp" in the Enochian language of 16th century magicians John Dee and Edward Kelley, Hubardo follows the epic and heartbreaking narrative of a meteor falling to earth and the alchemical transformation of a lonely poet observer. This album displays aspects of the band's many forms, even moments that hark back to the act's former identity, Maudlin of the Well (including an appearance by MOTW vocalist Jason Byron). It is a dizzying trip through genres and moods that blossoms in wild directions, an out-of-control chemical reaction. From beautiful post-rock passages and demented ballads to tripped-out '70s prog fusion, jazz and black metal, Hubardo masterfully incorporates just about every style imaginable during it's nearly 100 minute run time."
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