Kazuhisa, Uchhashi/Yoshida Tatsuya - Improvisations 4 DVD

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Note: this is NOT a CD. This is a music DVD (not DVD Audio), which contains music in full res and high quality mp3 versions of six full unreleased live recordings and contains over 2 1/2 hours of music. Note that there are no moving images on this DVD. This is a DVD that contains music files. This is 'the 4th album of super improvisation duo Uchihashi Kazuhisa (guitar) and Yoshida Tatsuya (drums)."
You get:
2004/09/25@HAKATA Butterfly, 4 songs 31min (2track recording from soundboard)
2004/09/26@YAMAGUCHI YCAM, 1song 18min (24bit 16track hard disc recording)
2006/05/31@WIEN RHIZ, 14songs 36min (2track recording from soundboard)
2009/06/15@KOENJI Show Boat, 7songs 34min (8 track recording)
2011/01/09@KICHIJOJI Manda-La2, 3songs 19min (8 track recording)
2012/07/06@EKODA Buddy, 7songs 36min (12 track hard disc recording)
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