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This is the 3rd new album by this classic and great Swedish psychedelic/progressive/folkrock band since their reformation in 2001s. Like the previous two, it retains their classic sound as well as retaining their leader and monster guitarist Kenny Hakansson, who has been one of the top Scandinavian psychedelic guitarists since the time of his first professional group Baby Grandmothers OVER 45 YEARS AGO (one of the great, under-rated guitarists of our time) and it basically sounds just like they have always sounded in a totally GOOD way! Recommended!

"Aventure contains nine new songs that build on the passion and joy of folk music, from the airy happiness and steady rhythm to the melodic melancholy conjured by psychedelic folk rock. Aventure is Kebnekajse's ninth album since their debut in 1971 and the third since returning in 2001. The last album Idioten/The Idiot (SUBL 079LP/080CD) was nominated for a Swedish Grammy in 2012 in the "Best Rock" category. "We live on as if we never had taken a break. For us, music is not a museum piece that sounds the same every day. Our music stands for something that doesn't stop, but continues to evolve," says Kenny Hakansson, the band's illustrious psychedelic guitar wizard with a history in such legendary Swedish bands as T-Boones, Baby Grandmothers, Mecki Mark Men and Dag Vag. Aventure was recorded in the legendary Silence studios in Vormland, Koppom with none other than Anders Lind behind the controls. The album contains five new discoveries from the Swedish folk music treasury and four new original songs. Kebnekajse's distinctive and pioneering folk-rock sound is as strong as a mountain..."
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