Kenso - Fabulis Mirabilibus de Bombycosi Scriptis CD (mini lp sleeve)

This 2003 Kenso release was previously available only in Japan and only at a very, very high price; we debated bringing them in, but I just didn't want to have to list them at $40.00, so we passed. Luckily, they've just been issued in Italy by Vinyl Magic, in a really nice mini-lp sleeve. Another great blend of jazz/rock fusion and symphonic rock from guitarist/leader Yoshihisa Shimizu, dual keyboardists Kenichi Oguchi and Kenichi Mitsuda, bassist Shunji Saegusa and drummer Masayuki Muraishi. One of Japan's finest progressive bands, and one that has been consistently good for 2 decades.
  • LabelVinyl Magic
  • UPC806158118926
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