Kerman, Dave/5uu's - Abandonship

Dave Kerman is in the forefront of contemporary "Rock In Opposition" (R.I.O.)-inspired progressive rock, his name appearing in multiple contexts as an internationally-reknown drummer and as a composer. He is one of the most in-demand drummers on the avant progressive scene, playing in the 5uus, U Totem, Thinking Plague, Present and Blast. Kerman founded his own band, the 5uu's, in 1984. Inspired by the European "Rock In Opposition" (RIO) movement's uncompromising stance, and devoted to a concept of song-oriented music with emphasis on short pieces, and lyrics and melodies, the 5uus created a sound that was a distinctly American version of R.I.O.-inspired rock. Abandonship is the 5uus sixth release. It features compositions, lyrics (printed in the CD booklet), and multi-instrumentation by Kerman, vocals by Deborah Perry (Thinking Plague) & sound sculpting by Udi Koomran. It is a emotionally intense, densely-layered, and compositionally complex work, inspired by such dark R.I.O. bands as Univers Zero and Present, and a logical progression of the 5uus multi-faceted, prismatic sound. "The results are mesmerizing...Kerman is still the unsung shaman of unbridled convolution..perched on a precipice high enough to make most indie rockers appear ant-sized."-Alternative Press. "...a frighteningly coherent statement that with time should eventually stand as one of Rock In Opposition's finest momements"-Expose.
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