Kerrs Pink - Presence Of Life

“Kerrs Pink is a band whose beginnings date back to 1973, the first album was released in 1980. With their album "Mystic Spirit" they showed all their power and recorded great material. There have been many lineup changes throughout the band's history but surprisingly nothing has changed since the last album. Eirikur Hauksson (vocals), who is otherwise active in Magic Pie, as well as Hans Jørgen Kvisler (guitar), Per Langsholt (bass), Glenn Fosser (Hammond, Minimoog, accordion), Lasse Johansen (piano, Minimoog, Mellotron) and Magne Johansen (Drums) is the current line-up.
The successful recipe from the last album continues on this one as well, the bombastic sound of analog keyboards, accompanied by excellent riffs on the guitar, is occasionally accompanied by an accordion that gives that element of folk. This is masterfully recorded, carefully presented through detailed arrangements. Norwegians create beautiful melodies, weaving folk and organ parts into their songs and conjure up a beautiful atmosphere. The album consists of six songs, and it can be said that it is divided into two parts, where the first part is dominated by a heavy side, followed by excellent guitar riffs and a Hammond organ, while the second part leans more towards more melodic atmospheric compositions.
Two guitarists through the sounds of electric and acoustic guitar, and two keyboardists with Hammond, Moog and piano, alongside elements presented by flute, tuba and violins create an exciting and great landscape of prog compositions.”-progarchives
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