Keys, Calvin - Proceed With Caution!

Good, rather unknown and unheralded jazz/rock originally from the Black Jazz label & released in 1974.

Whereas the earlier black jazz album Shawn-Neeq had its share of riff-based funk, Calvin Keys' second outing Proceed with Caution! (1974) sticks close to straight-ahead jazz verities with the 30-something guitarist in the studio with seven similarly young, on-the-rise musicians including Charles Owens (saxophones, flute), Oscar Brashear (trumpet), Al Hall Jr. (trombone), Kirk Lightsey (electric piano), Henry Franklin (bass), and Leon "Ndugu" Chancler (drums). Keys can really play the guitar, easefully and intelligently with unfaked feeling. The man rivets our attention at all times. "Proceed with Caution," like the other tracks an original composition, is a veritable feast of organized craftsmanship, with a dreamy, chord-based Wes Montgomery mode at the song's start and finish bracketing long passages of fast, driving licks originating in bebop. Rendering flute and electric piano solos almost superfluous, Keys conjures up musical drama that invites multiple listens. Next up, "Tradewinds" finds the Omaha native treasuring the piece's attractive melody before embarking on creative flights that herald his certainty of purpose. A similar assurance marks his urgent playing in aptly-titled "Effulgence," which also benefits from trombone, electric piano, and soprano saxophone solos. Startlingly, about a minute into this song, emanated revelations beginning channeling through his fast fingers on the strings; Something similar can be heard from transcendentalist Carlos Santana in parts of his Welcome and Love Devotion Surrender albums, both released around the same time as Proceed with Caution!."
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