Khadavra - Hypnagogia

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Alexander Eriksson: Drums, Percussion, Marimba, Vocals (2)
Jón Klintö: Bass and French Horn
Nils Erichson: Keyboards, Church Organ, Piano, Guitar, Vocals (5)
Seb Sebsinsky Eriksson: Guitar, Sitar, Didgeridoo, Vocals (5)

“Khadavra dig deep into the untapped subconscious, seek the unknown within and express what we find in sound. Music inspired by both common and uncommon experiences from ordinary and extraordinary situations.”

“I love discovering new bands to follow and, surely, Khadavra will be one of those bands. This is excellent material. The band clearly has its roots in the classic times of prog but the sound of Hypnagogia and the writing is brand new with only slight references here and there, such as "Dissolve" (Focus) and "Mordangel (King Crimson) but you will enjoy it as much as I did this melodic writing, especially the longest track at the end, almost 28 minutes of pure bliss.”-Progarchives
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