Khan, Ashley-The House that Trane Built: The Story of Impulse Records (338 page hardbound book) (due to size and weight, this is only for sale in the USA) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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These are perfect versions of the now out of print hardbound version of this great history of the great Impulse label. Due to the size and weight, these will ship to you via media mail separately from the rest of your order. If you live outside of the USA and you want it, we can ship it to you, but we will weight it and charge you accordingly and be warned it will be a fortune!

"Kahn follows the excellent Kind of Blue (2000) and A Love Supreme (2002), on, respectively, Miles Davis' and John Coltrane's most popular albums, with a history of the record label that, dominating the 1960s, blazed trails for jazz thereafter. Lasting from 1961 to 1977, Impulse Records started big with career-best albums by Ray Charles, Gil Evans, and Oliver Nelson and stayed big thanks to the astonishingly popular avant-garde music of John Coltrane, until and beyond his 1967 death. If "suits" at parent company ABC Paramount started it and remained largely sympathetic, Impulse owed its unprecedented success to original producer Bob Thiele, who let musicians choose their repertoire and play it as they wished, and to terrific packaging: gatefold covers, a distinctive orange-and-black ground-color scheme, superb performance photography. Depending heavily on interviews, mostly original, with virtually everyone of significance before and behind the microphones, as well as the written record, Kahn genially traces the company's passage, interspersing two- to three-page sidebars on dozens of particular albums and freighting the pages with graphics. A jazz lover's delight."-Ray Olson/Booklist
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