Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble - From the Stairwell

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The fourth release by this continuously interesting UK band who combine very modern electronica with jazz and progressive elements to come up with something new, fresh and unusual. They say about themselves: 'A creepy crawly electronic jazz combo, creating soundtracks for non-existing movies ; Dark, exotic and mysterious. Fusing analog and digital flawlessly, giving them a totally unique and original sound. Film Noir futurism'.

"If you like Barry Adamson, Angelo Badalamenti, Bohren Und Der Club of Gore, or any of the other albums made by TKDE or their alter ego Mount Fuji Doomjazz Ensemble, then you'll like this. It's for patient people only, or for patient moods, at least. There's a lot going on here and much of it ferments slowly, so you should not expect instant gratification. And don't expect any gratification at all if you're trying to listen to this in somewhere where you're interrupted frequently. Turn off the lights, play this, and don't expect to be lulled to sleep. It's a scary beast, but a subtle one at that."-Dan Bergevin

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