Kilroy, Pat - Light of Day

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This highly original 1966 collection, originally released by Elektra Records, has been called the first acid folk record of all time. Certainly its hippy themes and exotic instrumentation are well ahead of their time, but Kilroy died tragically young and his album has largely been neglected ever since, despite featuring legendary guitarist Stefan Grossman. This is its first CD appearance, and comes complete with explanatory liner notes, making it a must for all fans of psychedelic singer-songwriters."

"Kilroy invented acid folk... every third time I listen to it I think it's a work of genius... half is swampy folk-blues that sounds like a coffee-house version of early Captain Beefheart, the other half is stunning Eastern trance/drone folk-psychedelia years ahead of its time." -

"A mix of folk, strumming blues and Eastern moves with lots of tabla. Kilroy had a very improvised, unusual vocal style that pre-dated Tim Buckley by two years. The final track, 'Star Dance', would be at home on an Incredible String Band album. The best tracks are the dreamy/trippy folk songs, but the album is a highly original work and adventurous listeners will appreciate much of its content." - Fuzz, Acid & Flowers

"Not quite a folk-rock album, and certainly not a conventional folk album... the instruments are an unusual world fusion-type combination for a 1966 record, with flute, glockenspiel, conga, tabla, and Jew's harp." - All Music Guide
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