King Crimson - Islands: 40th Anniversary CD + 5.1 / hi-res DVD-A (expanded / remixed / remastered)

the original multi-track tapes as well as a group of six additional tracks that make for a nearly complete alternate album of studio takes, run-throughs and mixes (only one remix - the rest are actual alternates). The most fascinating piece is the unreleased piece called "A Peacemaking Stint Unrolls". It has bits that later became "Lark's Tongues In Aspic, part 1" and "Lament"; it's pretty clear that Ian Wallace is no Bill Bruford... The DVD has the new 2010 versions in lossless stereo and in 5.1, as well as the original album remaster original master edition version of the album plus 90 minutes (yes, that's 90 minutes - an hour an a half) of additional material, most of it never before heard! There are many alternate studio takes mixed from the original recording sessions specifically for this release. The material covers everything from early rehearsals of Pictures of a City (one of the final new songs performed by the 1969 lineup) to the previously unheard A Peacemaking Stint Unrolls (showcasing early ideas & elements that would appear in fully realised form on later KC albums), a fragment of Fripp playing the tune of Islands on a mellotron, a blistering live Sailor's Tale from the Zoom Club, a very, very cool rehearsal of Sailor's Tale with all the parts intact except that Bob play's all the melodies on piano(!!) & much more. This is a huge amount of material and this is absolutely well worth your nickels if you are interested in the Crimson King!
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