King Crimson - Level Five CDEP

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This five song CDEP with two old songs (and - uh - 3 new ones) was originally released officially only in Japan in 2002. It makes its 'outside of Japan' debut here! I haven't kept up with KC in recent years but I was surprised how great most of this was (last track.....not so good...)

"Whatever the controversy has been around the various incarnations of King Crimson, the thing that had completely vanished from their music since the "Lark's Tongues" days is finally back. On "Level Five" we are again allowed to hear beyond the instruments to something extra-musical, and possessing a convulsive beauty. The lads have opened their ears again, and their instruments are playing much more than lots and lots of notes. This is thoughtful, intricate, passionate and interesting music that actually advances. King Crimson looks set to take another defining step."-K. Leimer

"This album offers us a glimpse into King Crimson future, Nuovo Metal. And what a fine future it is! The album begins with the Dangerous Curves (new). It is the most appropriate beginning for KC experience, live or recorded. This instrumental starts with beautiful soundscapes during which the main rhythm becomes louder and more intense. The beast is now unleashed! Then the album explodes into metal-heavy uncompromising Level Five (also new), pierced by fast touch guitar thrills from Trey Gunn. The third track is a heavenly beautiful Virtuous Circle (again new). It combines jungle beats, grooby bass line, beatiful guitar from Robert Fripp and creates a very mystical atmosphere. A sensual experience. This song smoothly transforms into a fine version of Construction of Light. The fifth track is Deception of Thrush, very spiritaul. In my opinion, it is the best version out of all ever recorded. Trey Gunn plays the most beautiful solo at the end that will take you away form this world."-Liza Sher
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