King Crimson - The Great Deceiver, Part Two 2 x CDs

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Throughout much of the 1970s, King Crimson were one of my very favorite bands and the short-lived band with John Wetton & Bill Bruford was their apex for me. I loved their work and I loved their improvisations, which were adventurous and interesting and still ROCKED! In the early 1990s, The Great Deceiver (Live 1973-1974) was released as a four CD set. It was a collection of excellent quality live recordings from this period, which included a lot of improvisations, not to mention some amazing takes on amazing material, such as Fracture or Larks Tongues in Aspic, parts I & II. I paid close to $60.00 for it and considered it one fo the greatest releases of the decade. It's been unavailable for years and years, but now you can buy it as two very reasonably-priced double CD sets. It includes all the original notes from Robert & the band members and is utterly essential; they were one of the great improvising rock bands of all time and this proves it. As I said, this is essential! And YES, you need BOTH sets!
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