King, Kaki - Dreaming of Revenge (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Guitarist Kaki King started as a 'tapping guitarist', ala Michael Hedges, Preston Reed and (early) Richard Leo Johnson. She somehow got herself signed to SONY for a very short while, appearing on The Late Show and the like, although she was quickly dropped. At the same time, she moved away from her all-instrumental approach and started singing - a bid I suppose for more popularity. The SONY stay established her and for a relatively quirky talent, she's managed to keep quite a high profile.

"Hey Kaki! Where ever you are, I want you to know that you've gained a new fan. I must have been sleeping under a rock all these years to have not known about Kaki King. I discovered her by watching the movie "August Rush." Okay, so I'm a little late. Kaki is like a breath of fresh air in the instrumental industry. Not only is she wonderful to listen to but it's even more fun watching her. Those little techniques she has are brought to light when you see her play. Watching her satisfies all of those "I wonder how she does that" moments. King is a truly gifted artist with her own very unique style. I can't believe that I have only just discovered her. She's fun, quirky, sentimental, brash and brazen all at the same time..."-M. Fields
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