Kirk, Rahsaan Roland - In Europe 1962-1967 DVD

This was an unexpected treat, as I had never seen moving footage of Rahsaan in his prime. For those not familiar with Kirk, he was a blind jazz saxophonist who was interested in a very wide range of sounds and styles (one of his mid period albums features musique concrete), but he was famous for playing multiple horns (3!) at the same time. One of his horns was the'manzello', which was actually a 'modified saxello', while his other odd horn was the 'stritch', which was a modified straight E flat alto sax. Anyway, he was a marvelous player with great style, humor and panache. This has over 20' from Milan, Italy on November 15, 1962 and then 55' from a Prague, Czech Republic Jazz Festival on October 19, 1967. While the crisp black and white video footage has deteriorated a little bit in the 40+ years since it was made, this is still a very high quality document.
  • Format TypeNTSC
  • Region CodingAll Region
  • LabelImpro-Jazz
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