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Kitamura, Kyoko / Joe Morris / Tomeka Reid / Taylor Ho Bynum - Geometry Of Distance

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Joe Morris (guitar)
Tomeka Reid (cello)
Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet
Kyoko Kitamura (voice)

“Geometry of Distance is the sophomore album by Geometry. This recording follows their debut album, Geometry of Caves, released in 2018 from Relative Pitch Records. Seth Colter Walls of The New York Times called the quartet's first album a "vibrant new recording", Stereo Gum's Phil Freeman described it as "hardcore improvised music" and Dusted Magazine wrote, "The foursome behind the fifty-minutes of freely improvised music is resolute in its acceptance of communal responsibility and creation...the work of four aces in the demanding craft of collective, instinctual improvisation."
The same spirit of communal improvisation is apparent in the sophomore release, along with an added sense of space and maturity. The musicians delve deeper into the exploration of the sonic complexities of their respective instruments while remaining ever attuned to the others. The lines between noise, language and music are blurred. Silence plays a major role. The four musicians compose as one, weaving a kaleidoscope of unconventional textures and contrapuntal melodies, opening the door to a new sonic universe which only exists in real time composition.”
  • LabelRelative Pitch
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