Klein, Guillermo - Filtros

Excellent jazz album with definite Latin influences, but arranged and put together in an intriguing and occasionally avant-garde way. This is most decidedly NOT your parent's mambo album! A fantastic band of players too: Ben Monder, Miguel Zenon, Sandro Tomasi, Chris Cheek, Bill McHenry, Jeff Ballard and others! If you are a jazz fan, I feel quite safe in personally recommending this!

"Complex rhythms, intricate melodies and unique arrangements are signatures of Guillermo Klein’s compositional style. Los Guachos has been the main vehicle for Klein’s musical ventures for over a decade and continues to be one of the most intriguing large ensembles active today. Klein and Sunnyside Records continue the Los Guachos’ series with the new CD, Filtros. The record features new compositions by Klein along with the amazing contributions of the all-star members of Los Guachos."
  • LabelSunnyside
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