Klein, Guillermo / Los Guachos - Cristal

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Miguel Zenon - alto sax
Bill McHenry - tenor sax
Chris Cheek - soprano, tenor, baritone sax
Diego Urcola - trumpet, flugelhorn
Taylor Haskins - trumpet, flugelhorn
Sandro Tomasi - trombone
Ben Monder - guitar
Guillermo Klein - piano, vocals
Fernando Huergo - electric bass
Jeff Ballard - drums
Richard Nant - percussion, trumpet

One of the greatest mid-sized ensembles of the last 25 years! Recommended!

“In an age seemingly built to overwhelm, the concepts of directness and clear intention are being lost. Exhausting maximalist concepts have become the norm in many of the arts. It can be refreshing to hear music that has purpose and clarity. That is what Guillermo Klein and Los Guachos hope to provide on their new, suite-like recording, Cristal.
Klein’s brilliant work has long focused on the implementation of his experiments with rhythm on popular song forms. He has regularly utilized elements of pop, rock and folkloric music for the emotive elements in his music. It is difficult to make music that is so technically challenging but with clear intention. It also takes an astounding group of musicians with an instinctive connection to be able to play it.
Nearing 25 years as an ensemble, Los Guachos is Klein’s favored vehicle for presenting his unique compositional and arranging style. The group’s roster remains unchanged and represents an astounding aggregation of the very best musicians in jazz.
Klein’s musical intent for Cristal was to provide compositions that had clear melodic statements while implying forward motion using scattered melodic cells. The pieces should also feel good to play, something that Los Guachos can do with its ability to make Klein’s rhythmic puzzles really groove. Along with his own tunes, Klein referred to a number of pieces that were heard regularly around his home as he grew up, namely the strident melodies of tango composers Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Le Pera. The recording has an over-arching design, akin to a suite.”
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