Klimperei - Patamob

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Klimperei is the solo project of Christophe Petchanatz, a French composer formerly of Los Paranos. Along with many friends and guests, our man's sparkling and cunning music, which may seem simple and naive at first, could be heard as a meeting between Satie and rock music. A bit in the vein of Pascal Comelade, toys can become instruments, immersing us in the sweet world of our childhood. This is ideal for musical illustrations ! The first album Where Memories Began To Fade" was recorded in 1987, and was followed by the release of "Tout Seul Sur La Plage" ("Alone On The Beach") three years later. "Blumenfabrik" ("Flower Factory" in German) dates back from 1994 and "Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles" ("Alice In Wonderland") was released six years later... Klimperie's fame grew on and on, gathering always wider audiences, not only in France but also in remote areas such as Japan. This is where a collection of three albums were recently released by the Novel Cell Poem label, which makes early albums again available according to many fans claims, whereas most of these recordings had remained unreleased. "Patamob" is a selection of previously unreleased recordings captured between 1997 and 2001. On no account should you miss them!"
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