Knifeworld - Buried Alone: Tales of Crushing Defeat

Knifeworld is the long worked on solo project by Kavus Torabi, of Cadiacs, Guapo and Monsoon Bassoon. It's a very English, very modernly English progressive release - it's not filled with mellotrons and it doesn't sound like it's from the 70s, but it is full of good songs with great hooks and huge depth in terms of what he does with the song forms. If you like and appreciate Cardiacs, you'll definitely like this; although it doesn't sound anything like Cardiacs, it mines similar ground. Nicely done triple gatefold digi-pack, with Kavus doing his best "Space Ritual" imitation on the inside.

"Keen, pointy and distinctly shiny sharp, Knife World is the latest project of Kavus Torabi, current Cardiacs guitarist, Guapo member and one time of Monsoon Bassooner. As you might expect from someone who has spent a good deal of his time in bands that have drifted around the more esoteric edges of the music scene, Buried Alone… is a rather challenging and thoroughly endearing listen....Part of the appeal of Knife World comes with the ideas that are often thrown out seemingly at random throughout these songs before familiar motifs take the reigns again. It’s a trick employed by Cardiacs songwriter Tim Smith to great effect, and one that Torabi appears equally at home with. It could all seem a little too contrived and angular in lesser hands, but Torabi’s compositional skills are challenging and light of touch..."

You can hear their music here

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