Knight Area - D-Day

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Jan Willem Ketelaers - vocals
Mark Bogert - guitar
Gerben Klazinga - keyboards
Peter Vink - bass
Pieter van Hoorn - drums
Robby Valentine - grand piano

“Symphonic rock band Knight Area tells the story of D-Day on its new album. "Through music, these stories really hit home." Be mindful of how we live now - that's the key message of the new album. Through ten songs and a spoken word intro track, they tell the story of D-Day and the battle in Normandy as the first step towards liberation. To film the video for their first single, they went to Omaha Beach, where the Allied invasion took place on June 6, 1944. "When you walk on that beach, you immediately get goosebumps and tears in your eyes", says drummer Pieter van Hoorn, who has been to the scene of the disaster many times before. "What happened there, ranges from the deepest misery to the most profound sense of glory. These emotions are reflected in our music."
As a veteran, Van Hoorn has a military background. Among other things, he served as an infantry man with Dutchbat II. "We live in a time of luxury and freedom, but I have seen with my own eyes that this is by no means guaranteed. War and conflict are never far away and if we're not careful, things will go wrong here as well. On D-Day, hundreds of thousands of soldiers fought for our freedom. Our seventh album is a tribute to those who fought for peace during World War II, but also a warning: we have to protect our freedom, and that takes work."-Rock Report
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