Koch / Schütz / Studer - Tales From 30 Unintentional Nights

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Hans Koch Reeds / Electronics
Martin Schütz El-5string-Cello, Cello , Electronics
Fredy Studer Drums, Percussion

"Thirty days, two sets every evening, always at the same time, always in the same place. In the laboratory atmosphere, black with age, of the Alte Schlosserei 12 [Old Locksmith's Shop] on Pfingstweidstrasse in Zurich, three researchers, tinkerers, lab techs of sounds, Koch-Schütz-Studer, are at work in the middle of a jungle that generates patterns of light. They play with their ingredients, experimenting and letting me get close enough to partake in how they cast spells and invent music, connecting yesterday through today with tomorrow, the very reason each concert is the best, each evening, each set different, coming out of nothing.

…The laboratory in the Schlosserei expands, a radiating cathedral of sound, a freighter that cannot be localized by any radar as it vibrates and rolls through a churned-up sea, all sails set for a journey into the unknown."
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