Koenjihyakkei - Angherr Shisspa Revisited vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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First-ever vinyl edition!

Yoshida Tatsuya: drums, vocals
Sakamoto Kengo: bass & voice
Kanazawa Miyako: keyboards & voice
Yamamoto Kyoko: vocals
Komori Keiko: reeds & voice

“This new edition of Koenjihyakkei's landmark fourth album, follows the release of 2018's critically acclaimed "Dhorimviskha". Japan's Koenjihyakkei blend progressive rock, jazz fusion, symphonic rock and neoclassicism with the energy of hardcore punk, the volume of metal and the attitude of rock in opposition. ome bands you just have to hear. Japan's KOENJIHYAKKEI (aka Koenji Hyakkei) are just such a band. Tatsuya Yoshida’s (of the renowned bass and drum duo RUINS), progressive rock powerhouse is Area and ELP at their most excessive; Deus Ex Machina with tempo changes multiplied by 100; and Magma at their orff-ian choral, fusion jazz, overcharged gospel peak.
“Angherr Shisspa”, the band’s landmark fourth album explodes with glittery keyboard lines, speedy bass/drum workouts, emotive reed respites, and operatic female vocals that take the listener from sheer exuberance to absolute apocalypse... all performed with superhuman technique in confoundingly catchy, complex arrangements.”
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