Koenjihyakkei - Viva Koenji!!

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Back in print and back in stock! This is a reissue of the second (and possibly my favorite) Koenji disc. This came out in Japan in 1997 and was then reissued by Skin Graft in 2006, but it went out of print again about 2 years ago. Thrilled to see it back! Hammatai!

“I’m probably going out on a limb here, but from my vantage point, this is not only the most brilliant of all of contemporary Japanese bands, but perhaps the greatest group currently operating in the world.” –Alternative Press.

Freshly mastered, hugely needed reissue of the second album by Tatsuya Yoshida's brilliant, loud and rocking Magma homage. The line up is: Yoshida Tatsuya – vocals, drums, keyboards, reeds, Kubota Aki – vocals, keyboards, Sakamoto Kengo – vocals, bass and Harada Jin – vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar. "With the original issue on Japan’s God Mountain label largely unheard and fetching enormous prices on the collector’s market, Viva Koenji!!, generally considered the band’s heaviest album, returns to print in a deluxe remastered edition. Headed by vocalist/composer/ drummer extraordinaire Yoshida Tatsuya (of the bass & drum duo Ruins), Koenjihyakkei boasts a fan base comprised of zuehl prog fans, no-wavers, and adventurous music enthusiasts – and has proven itself the most exciting contemporary progressive rock act on the planet."

“Koenjihyakkei towers over most modern progressive rock because of an attention to detail and an overwhelming force of conviction. No irony here: this rocks with the teeth and heart to cut through the ‘scenes’ and the ‘overground’ like a knife … Koenjihyakkei may go down as Tatsuya Yoshida’s greatest achievement: the most perfect fusion of straight prog, the avant-garde, and hardcore punk.Amen.” – Pitchfork
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