Kokoko - Fongola CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Kokoko! consists of enigmatic vocalist Makara Bianko and instrumentalists Dido Oweke, Boms Bomolo, and Love Lokombe, a trio of scrappy, inventive players who grew up together in the city's Ngwaka neighborhood.
Lacking the money and resources to acquire proper instruments, the three friends began inventing their own unique noisemakers out of whatever was available. Single-string guitars were cobbled out of spare wood and tin cans, a vocal talk-box was wired out of an old cassette player, and various bottles, typewriters, and scraps of metal were fashioned into percussion instruments.
Fongola, is a fascinating mix of rugged lo-fi beats, relentless grooves, rousing vocal interplay, and kitchen-sink cacophony that sounds like nothing else being made in Africa or any other continent. Often building from some primitive element like the buzzing of an instrument cable being rhythmically activated ("Azo Toke"), the tracks continually shift into surprising musical shape...In an era of musical abundance and sonic homogeneity, it's increasingly uncommon to hear music this fresh and original.”-AllMusic
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