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For someone who claims to be a busy man, my good friend Ken Golden somehow finds the time to poke around on myspace an awful lot; I guess he makes his employees do all the real work. Which is where he found these guys. Led by keyboardist and composer Paul Brousseau and also featuring Maxime Delpierre (electric guitar and effects), Huges Mayot (tenor and soprano sax), Jean-Philippe Morei (electric bass and effects) and Phillippe Giezes (drums and percussion). They are definitely a jazz-rock band, but they are by no means a 'fusion' band as 'fusion' became (i.e. wimpy or wanky). This is very modern sounding mixture of jazz, rock with even elements of electronics and noise mixed in, but at its base, it still has some ties to Miles, Weather Report, etc. Call it 'avant-garde jazz-rock', but whatever you call it, give this one a chance.
  • LabelD'Autres
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