Konitz, Lee - A Proper Introduction (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Released on Proper, a great UK label who do an amazing job in terms of packaging, presentation and especially in terms of sonics. This is important, basic repertoire material. A great place to hear some of his best stuff and at a amazing price.

Lee started with the brilliant and unique Lennie Tristano, absorbed all the important lessons of Lennie (and contributed to almost all of Lennie's best work) and then moved onto a career that reflected those roots but also had his own tasty, fleet, light sound. "One of the most individual alto saxophone stylists to emerge (albeit indirectly) from the bebop era, Lee Konitz's style was derived from the playing of Lester Young as well as from the teachings of Lennie Tristano, with whom Konitz studied & played for many years. These 23 tracks cover the period 1949-1953 and include Konitz's recordings with Tristano, Warne Marsh and Miles Davis's Birth Of The Cool band."

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