Korekyojinn - Arabesque

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This is the 2nd release by this excellent Japanese band featuring drummer Yoshida Tatsuya, leader of Ruins and Koenjihyakkei, & also featuring guitarist Kido Natsuki [Bondage Fruit] and bassist Nasuno Mitsuru [Altered States].

This band is one of my favorite things that Yoshida is involved with - and heaven knows that he's involved with a lot of good stuff! For some reason Yoshida decided to let this studio album go out of print (only about 3 months after it was released!) and to replace it with Isotope, another excellent (but not as well recorded) live album of many of the tracks. Then, either he got a return of this deleted title and offered it to us or he decided to make more; I'm afraid I'm not sure which, but the bottom line is that they are here and available again, for now at least.

Basically what this album (and all this band's albums) is about is good structures for the band to work their magic around, but enough looseness that they can really take off and roar. Highly recommended if you like Yoshida's work, Bondage Fruit or great, heavy power trios.
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