Korekyojinn - Mesopotamia CD

Yoshida Tatsuya – drums
Nasuno Mitsuru – bass
Kido Natsuki – guitar

This is the 10th great release by this fun and powerful power trio. If you know them, this is another mathy and massive album. If you don't know them, they have been a band for over 20 years and Yoshida Tatsuya is also known as leader of Ruins and Koenjihyakkei, guitarist Kido Natsuki [Bondage Fruit] and bassist Nasuno Mitsuru [Altered States]. This band is one of my favorite things that Yoshida is involved with - and heaven knows that he's involved with a lot of good stuff!
The basic framework of a good Korekyojinn album (and so far, they are all really good!) is that they have good structures for the band to work their magic around, but enough looseness that they can really take off and roar.
The obi helpful includes all(?) of the time signatures used in all the pieces!
  • LabelMagaibutsu
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