Korekyojinn with Tsuboy Aikhisa - Doldrums

SKU Magaibutsu MGC-41b
Reprinted and available again in a limited edition!!

This is the 7th great release by this super Japanese power trio featuring amazing drummer Yoshida Tatsuya, leader of Ruins and Koenjihyakkei, mighty guitarist Kido Natsuki [Bondage Fruit] and astounding bassist bassist Nasuno Mitsuru [Altered States].
But this time there's a real twist - and a great twist at that. This time, they've added violinist Tsuboy Akishisa (of KBB) as a full member on this release. The addition of violin to the intense guitar/bass/drum interplay and twisty compositions surprised me by reminding me a lot of Boud Deun!
Now this comparison isn't constant - this isn't the second coming of the amazing Boud Deun or anything, but the Mahavishnu-esque lines combined with the punky energy here and the general tone of the guitar, bass and violin really do at times remind me of them!
Really great, wacky prog fusion and it's recorded live, giving it that over-the-top energy that only a live performance can give off! Highly recommended!
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