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"Ajan Peili", or "The mirror of time" is another magical casket – the band’s fifth - that contains the typical psych-folk-prog atmospheres with strong Seventies connotations of the Finnish Turku band. The enchanting melodies of the Mellotron, combined with delicate acoustic guitars, the sweetness of the flute, the violin, the piano and the song of Paivi Kylmanen become the purity and serenity of a pastoral sound, at times melancholy, projected on mystical and ancestral paths.
Even "Ajan Peili", as in other previous albums, highlights the two different sides of KOSMOS: one side to highlight sweetness and lightness in prog-folk shades (the touching title track is emblematic) and another side to show a visionary restlessness through increased psychedelic propensity.
This second propensity finds its highest expression this time in the almost twelve minutes of "Mina Olen" (I am) preceded by the obscure recited lyrics with tense and mysterious sax of "Jatkuvuus" (Continuity), with an obsessive electric guitar riff and the mellotron always protagonist. One of the best track ever from KOSMOS !!”
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